Physical Gold/Silver Trading

Physical Gold/Silver Trading 

GoldSilverBarsBudget Gold Trading provides an online investment platform where physical Gold & Silver bars or coins can be sold, purchased, stored or redeemed by retail investors, wholesalers, jewelers, institutions, and banks.  These transactions can be carried out in all denominations at very competitive prices in a highly efficient and convenient manner.

All Investors (Individuals, Corporations, or Banks) can buy/sell on a daily basis 24/5 through the live spot market rates displayed on our "Bullion Platform". This platform also allows customers to redeem the physical bars/coins through the bullion account and request delivery of the items to their doorstep. All our Precious metals items are 24 Carat, with a Purity of 995 or 999.9 (Subject to client request). All our precious metals items match the international Good Delivery Standards.

The Concept of "Bullion Account"

The Precious metal items purchased by our investors through their Bullion Account are stored electronically and backed-up by equivalent quantities of physical bars or coins, which we store in secured vaults.

The "Bullion Account" Functions

Buy: Our investors can Buy/Fix the price of the precious metal (Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium) on the spot market price which is available 24/5, starting from Monday till Friday.

Hold: Our Investors can hold their precious metals positions for as long as they desire. Their Bullion will be stored in secured/insured vaults in the UAE, Switzerland or Italy.

Sell: Our investors can sell their bullion positions back at any time on the spot market rate, and the profits/losses will be added/deducted to / from their Bullion Account Balance.

Physical Redemption: Our Investors can redeem their physical bars or coins as long as they are still holding their bullion positions, which have been purchased by them. Our investors have the right to request delivery of the purchased items to their desired destination.


The "Bullion Account" Units

Unit Value
One Tonne (1,000 Kilograms) 32,150.746 Troy Ounces
One Kilogram (1,000 Grams) 32.150746 Troy Ounces
One Troy Ounce 31.1034768 Grams
Ten  Tola (TT) (116.638038 Grams) 3.75 Troy Ounces